today’s taste: crunchy gingersnaps

Gingersnaps Edited 6 - 1
Gingersnaps belonged an exclusive cookie category of my childhood; along with Oreos and Nilla Wafers, they were the only storebought cookies allowed shelf space. Despite a flavor profile synonymous with Christmas trees and Mannheim Steamroller, we kept – and consumed – the cookies year-round. They were crunchy, savory, and convenient for snacking or baking, which may justify the many years it took to consider making them from scratch…

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today’s taste: peanut butter breakfast balls

Although you may not know it from the HDHM blog or Instagram, I travel quite a bit for work. Consulting often means I fly to a client site on Monday and return home on Thursday. Even if my project is within driving distance I typically leave my apartment before the sun rises – the joys of LA traffic. There are certainly upsides, though – thanks to consulting, Emily has been able to pay me a couple visits here in Orange County! But because of my schedule, I rarely have the luxury of a sit-down breakfast on a weekday morning…

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today’s taste: pumpkin doughnut holes

I have good news and bad news. Usually, I would like to get the bad news out of the way first, but that order won’t work here – so, good news comes first. This weekend, I made doughnuts that are truly wonderful. They’re pumpkin (I promised you the fall flavors were coming!), they’re covered in cinnamon sugar, and they’re baked. Flavorful, delicious, and no scary-hot oil required…

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today’s taste: chocolate chip banana bread


Readers, can you believe that it’s already fall? I know what the calendar says – and, more importantly, what the Starbucks menu says. But it’s 78 degrees today in California, and even though I’m not a student reluctant to give up summer vacation I’m not quite sure I’m ready to acknowledge the change of season.

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today’s taste: chocolate macadamia nut cookies


First, let’s address the elephant in the room: it has been a long time since our last post. A really long time. We could offer the usual excuses – work, grad school applications, and things like that – but I’m fairly certain I know the real reason. When we last posted the eggnog layer cake recipe, I made a New Year’s resolution to bake and blog more – and therein lies the problem. New Year’s resolutions aren’t promises – they’re curses! In my experience, attaching the New Year’s resolution to a goal is the quickest way to make sure I don’t even come close to achieving it…

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today’s taste: eggnog layer cake

Happy holidays, readers – from California’s newest (and palest) amateur baker and blogger! Apologies for the blog lull; I know this post is long overdue. I would blame the move for the delay, but my conscience won’t allow it. Once my shipment arrived in California (which, to be fair, did take nearly four weeks – I don’t recommend a casual cross-country move), the first thing I did was unpack the kitchen boxes…

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today’s taste: bavarian apple torte

Remember when we said that the pumpkin pop-tarts would be the last dessert we made in a shared kitchen? Well, we lied. In true Morgan and Emily fashion, we spent the last night before Morgan’s flight to California baking. The movers had hauled away Morgan’s belongings earlier that day (including no less than five boxes of cookware), so we were feeling a little sentimental about the empty kitchen cabinets. Good news, though, friends: you can still make a tasty apple torte (and likely many other treats) with just
one set of cookware. (But it’s still the loneliest number.)

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today’s taste: pumpkin pop-tarts


Quite a bit can change in two weeks – especially if those two weeks “fall” (get it?) around the last day of summer. Before we knew it, the muggy DC weather had packed its bags to head south, leaving behind a crisper – and rainier – season; our Starbucks cups have become talking works of art (“warmly, fall” – we felt the irony as we switched our thermostat from air conditioning to heat); we even see some bashful Christmas decorations peeking out from the back corner of Homegoods. How do we feel about this change? We love it…

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today’s taste: blueberry lemon muffins

We thoroughly enjoyed our Labor Day (only 42 more to go) – and hope you all did too! But we would be lying if we said nothing was amiss during the delightfully long weekend. We had separation anxiety: from each other, but, more severely and importantly, from our kitchen. We both tried to fill the holes in our hearts; Emily made a seafood pasta for her friend’s parents, and Morgan tested a new raspberry bar recipe (which may be hitting the blog soon!) on her guinea pig boyfriend. But it wasn’t the same…

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today’s taste: brown butter bourbon blondies


The days leading up to a long weekend inevitably crawl by. No matter how many times we check the date on Monday, it’s still Monday, and the second hand on our watch sure isn’t going to tick any faster for a holiday as insignificant as Labor Day (not that we don’t love you, Labor Day – but without presents, festive colors, or designated foods, it’s hard to make it into the American Holiday Hall of Fame). Try as we might, we couldn’t bring the weekend itself any closer – but we could infuse our baking with a little weekend spirit (pun intended)…

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