Hi! If you want to learn more about Honey Dukes Homemade, you’ve come to the right place. (Most would call this an “About” page, but we, being the nerds we are – more on that shortly – prefer “Story.”) But first, a little about HDHM’s bakers, writers, and moms: Emily and Morgan. We met as undergraduate students through mutual friends at Duke University nearly five years ago (note: we may never change that time reference to ensure we stay young as the blog gets old…). Like most college acquaintances-turned-friends we probably had an typical getting-to-know-you phase, where we talked at bars, chatted about majors, and gave awkward waves across the quad. Fortunately for the readers of HDHM, there came a breakthrough in that phase. At some point, we realized that we both had the same obsessions: baking and Harry Potter. We’ll leave to your imagination all the lengthy conversations about brownies and broomsticks (and maybe butterbeer) that followed.

Fast forward a couple years, and we were doing management consulting jobs and living in a DC row house of seven Duke graduations (affectionately known as the Gal Pal Palace). Despite long weekday (and sometimes weekend) hours, we continued to bake; in hindsight, perhaps because of those hours we continued to bake. That probably makes us stress bakers – you’re welcome. We baked enough that our housemates began joking about cookbooks and blogs. Well, a joke turned into an idea, which turned into sugar-fueled planning frenzy…which turned into Honey Dukes Homemade! (In case you haven’t figured out the name yet, here are a couple clues: our college and our favorite book series’ signature sweet shop!)

Since the inception of HDHM, Morgan has moved to Southern California. This meant we had to split up our joint bakeware and restock (in fact, we took “restocking” one step further and both received Kitchen-Aids for Christmas – great minds think alike!). But we are continuing the blog cross-country, and look forward to having new ideas, new readers, and new oven space! (Taste testers wanted in California, though…)

Here, you’ll find our best tried-and-true sweet and dessert recipes – and photographic evidence of how good they looked before demolition! Some recipes we’ve invented and some we’ve adapted, but all have our own HDHM flair. We hope you enjoy!



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